Mark Scannell

Wedding Officiant in

I am a licensed, non-denominational and interfaith minister in the State of Minnesota. As part of the background that I bring in officiating at ceremonies is my experience as an ordained Roman Catholic priest. I enjoy working with people in creating the ceremonies and rituals that “YOU” want.


I have officiated at many weddings, and I strongly believe that you – the couple – know what you want by way of a ceremony. I want to meet with you to hear what you are considering. I usually begin by inviting you to talk about weddings you have attended and to name what you liked and what you didn’t like. This usually begins to help you move toward deciding what you want in your ceremony. My role is to assist you both in saying what you want and in creating the ceremony that fits with your hopes and desires. In my experiences, these meetings begin to crystallize what you want. I am open to the music, readings and rituals you want. I am also open to the place you choose, whether it be a church, outdoors, a home or a hall. I believe the wedding is your special day, and I am along to help you make this day be a very special one.


The death of a significant person in your life is often a very important moment for family members and friends. We look to create a ceremony which honors the person as well as gives people a chance to grieve and say farewell. I have found it very important to spend time with family and friends, listening to the stories of the person’s life. From there, I work with family and friends to create a memorial service which gives expression to the person’s life as well as the feelings of family and friends. I am willing to go the gravesite for the interment ritual.


Reviews for Mark Scannell

“We loved Mark from the moment we met him for a number of reasons. Mark has an abundance of exceptional qualities and skills. He is funny, light-hearted and a great listener. Most importantly, he is patient. He took the time to understand the unique qualities my husband and I were bringing to the table, offered ideas for the ceremony. Ultimately, he afforded us the freedom to make our own choices. Simply stated, he was a guide for our marriage journey and someone we grew to trust immensely. Other skills that Mark exemplifies are his ability to communicate, to manage and organize multiple details. Having never done this before, we found Marks’ organizational skills and knowledge of wedding details, timelines and critical actions needed as keys to our success. My husband and I would highly recommend inviting Mark to work with you in planning your wedding.”

Mark was the perfect officiant for our wedding! He took the time to really get to know us (our story), as well as our whole familiy. He offered some wonderful suggestions, and generously guided us in planning a charming ceremony. He was friendly, attentive and thorough from rehearsal through reception. We would definitely recommend Mark to all!

Chris and Julie
Eden Prairie